UNLEARN by PolyVision - StoryLab
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Branding, Campaign, Event
About This Project

Keeping the spirit of creative learning alive

Steelcase Education/ PolyVision wanted to have their story and research around active learning for the K12 marketplace heard by its audience while simultaneously introducing a new product to the active learning portfolio. They wanted to challenge the norm and traditional when it came to thinking about education environments and instead champion spaces that embraced active learning and new ways of learning.
Our task? To find the most creative and compelling way to tell this story with the specified launch date being at The Annual ISTE (International Society For Technology In Education) conference. 
We decided to take the traditional and flip it on its head, so we created and launched a campaign called UNLEARN; think, imagine and dream with the creativity of a child (Picasso). By implementing a 360 integrated marketing campaign, we set out to show how Steelcase Education/PolyVision’s business was enabling great ideas, great thinking and providing tools for better education through UNLEARNING.