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Branding, Campaign, Event
About This Project


On some Mondays we can’t wait for Friday and on some Mondays something happens that you know inside it is going to be a good week. On the particular Monday that we received a call from ETIN (Education Technology Industry Network) we knew it was going to make not only for a good week but also a great campaign. What is not to love about working with the innovators and thinkers of the education technology world?


So in July we got to work and partnered with ETIN to create-SMART THINKERS THRIVE HERE- an integrated campaign that helped position the association as a hub for learners and leaders to come together to explore ideas and navigate solutions for better learning and better business results in the edtech space.


One of the main purposes of the campaign was to showcase members who are making a difference, who innovate and who are disrupting the status quo.

The creative design for the campaign had to stay aligned with the SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) parent brand while at the same time highlighting and signifying a new chapter for the association. It was key that the smart thinking membership base could relate to the designs and feel excited about what was next for the association.


The campaign was officially launched at the association’s annual conference where StoryLab helped the association unveil the goal of the campaign and what was yet to come. In the lead up to the event we also delivered some teaser campaign elements such as an eblast and landing page.


This particular story is just in its beginning chapter’s; watch this space for what is yet to come.