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We are a story company. Ok that’s slightly over-simplifying it but that is the heart of what we do. We’ve worked together for almost 10 years as marketers, brand lovers, event experts, strategists and writers. We create stories that champion your best, celebrate your wins and we do it with humility, honesty and humor.

What we do

Brand Development & Storytelling

Behind every great brand stands an even greater story. But sometimes it’s hard to get that story straight.


After all you know what your brand is, what it stands for, what its purpose and vision are. But does your target audience? At StoryLab we help you define, develop and cleverly communicate your brand identity so as you build a brand that people LOVE.

Campaign Creation

At StoryLab we believe in reaching for the stars. When we say we are going to create a memorable campaign that is creative, multi-layered, timely and results driven, we will do everything we can to make that happen. Check out our portfolio, the proof is in the pudding.


So if you are wanting to launch a product, or you need to drive greater awareness and stand out from a busy crowd or you urgently need to inject some life back into your brand, then what are you waiting for?

Experiential Events and Strategies

Think back to the best event you have ever been to. Ok, now what made it memorable? It most likely wasn’t a goodie bag full of brochures and a bottle of water that made you love it or a free t-shirt.


No we didn’t think so. Instead it was that unforgettable feeling it gave you, a priceless experience of feeling very awake and present, dare I say almost an emotional connection.


Think of us as your workshop. We like to tinker until we create just the right mixture of your story and the innovation to drive it.

How we do it

Brand Lab

This is where we mine and gem for your stories. Where we uncover, shape and polish your brand identity. If we are not busy with brand discovery exercises our hands are full of colour charts, photography styles, customer data, competitor research, business plans and insight reports.

Idea Lab

So now we know your brand and we know your story but how do we tell it in a compelling way? What channels will be most effective? What will make it go viral? What type of strategy is most aligned with your business goals? These are the types of questions asked and answered in this Lab. Expect a trial of colourful post-its, idea boards and buzzing brains.

Creative Lab

No story or idea can walk let alone run without the genius’s at work in this lab. Expect lots of open applications such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Flash, iMovie, the list goes on. This is where the stories jump from concepts into meaning, from paper to designs, from thoughts into experiences.


Here are some examples of visionary brands we have worked with and how their stories were brought to life.


We like to think of ourselves as change makers who happen to call ourselves marketers. We create smart, meaningful content that can be delivered in the right mix using the best vehicles for your customers. Whether through experiential, direct or inbound strategies, our work is tailored for your audience with measurable results. But none of this would happen without our people, in other words our team. We don’t use that term lightly. To us, being a team is much more than just people who work together, being a team is about knowing when to listen, when to lend a hand, when to pour the other a glass of wine, when to ask about a personal event and when to fuse all our brainpower together into one collective mind to create that campaign or polish that strategy.

Karen Lowe Nelson
Brand Lab

Everyone loves a good story and it’s no different in the education, healthcare and technology markets. My passions include creating strategy and synergy out of chaos. Rooted in brand communications and product marketing, my experience includes building global brands, bringing together a team who can think for themselves (but take guidance when it counts) and launching great products with compelling stories.

Aideen Doherty
Idea Lab

I have always been a story-lover, at five years old I started to sell my own handwritten paper books in the school yard for 5 cents each. But it was not until I entered the world of marketing that I really understood the power of a good story. My passions are in ideation and strategy development, and nothing excites me more than creating experiential events. My background is rooted in PR, global communications (I have seen my fair share of the world and its cultures) and tradeshows and events. You will find me in our Ideas Lab where I smile away the day.

Keith Lopez
Creative Lab

What is a story if you can’t make it come to life? This is where I come in. With twenty-one years of experience developing print collateral, packaging, advertising, web and application designs I mix my knowledge with a long term vision to make a story come alive. My passions are translating corporate requirements into influential marketing projects all while optimizing revenue. I also love forming solid information architectures and managing fantastic projects.

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